What Are Rooting Cups?

What are rooting cups, and why are they helpful? 

Our clear rooting cups give you the ability to watch roots develop.  This is a very helpful feature when rooting cuttings, since it eliminates guesswork about how well they're progressing.  When using typical black nursery pots, you're largely flying blind, since you can't see whether roots are developing until they grow out of the bottom of the pot.  With our clear rooting cups, however, you get to see the action, and watch as the root system develops.

The drainage holes on the bottom and the aeration holes around the sides provide a well-draining, airy environment that is optimal for young root development.  Plain plastic cups tend to promote rot, since they provide inadequate drainage and poor air exchange; our rooting cups, however, feature 9 drainage and aeration holes designed to minimize rot and maximize rooting success.